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I wrote poems about him, write his name 100 times

I really was into this guy at school who was know as the sexiest guy in school. I couldnt get over him even when he found out I liked him and stilled didnt look at me. I wrote poems about him, write his name 100 times, talk about him with my friends 24/7 and getting on their nerves and after a while I notice I was stalking him. Once I knew his school schedule, his parents name, his birthday, his house address, and his phone number it got too much pressure to handle. Not until he started dating the most popular bitch in school. She was my arch-enemy and she was a cheerleader and a total slut! I got agrravated having to walk pass them in the hall. After a while I thought that me and him werent meant to be. But I couldnt stop liking him. I tried so hard to stop saying he was a asshole and such but I still smiled watching him play basketball and went out of my way just to see him for the day. I thought that their releationship wouldve not lasted. But it did. Till the end of the school year. And I went on vacation missing him like crazy. But after 3 weeks I totally forgot about who he was. I wasnt writting poems or writing his name all over my notebooks or dreaming of him anymore but I was bonding with my-so-called-arch-enemy and we became friends. But once we started hanging out, he broke up with her, giving me the chance of a lifetime...what I was waiting for, for him to notice me but I couldnt! After becoming friends with his ex-girlfriend, she will kill me if I went out with him and was friends with her. So I guess he wasnt the one after all.


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