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he's the incredible heartbreaker that i met this summer, and fell in love with, too.

this summer, i had gone on a student ambassador trip to china, with the people to people group. in this group, you attend meetings once every month. and even though there were 34 other students besides me going, i did not like, or have a crush, on any guy there. then it came the day of the flight, and on the plane, i had been seated right beside a guy that for some reason, i had always hated, since his last name was beside mine on the list, and we never talked at any of the meetings. (even though we had to sit by each other at orientation) well, i found out on the first flight that he's quite a lot like me, and i thought he was very funny and quite charming and cute. then, we became friends. well, then the next flight came, and we were placed by each other again! (and this was a 13 hour 30 minute flight to hong kong!) then, we became really good friends. and when we were in china, we were ALWAYS by each other, talking to one another! so, of course, being teenagers, the other students kept on saying that i was in love with him (which, by this point in the story, is true) and he with me. and frankly, it was getting on my nerves! on the way to another city (on another flight), we sat by each other again. then, one of the students told him that i had a crush on him right when i was sitting there! i denied it, but my red face told all. then, the next day, he wasn't even speaking to me! whenever i tried to say anything to him, he'd just stare at the groud! finally, he started talking to me and being his old self by lunchtime. but he did tell me he wasn't into me like that, and my worst fear came true, once again: i was rejected, and it really hurt. towards the end of the trip, his best friend, me, and him were sitting on the ground, waiting to board a flight, and his best friend told me that another guy had a major crush on me. well, of course, i could tell, so i told him that i had known for quite a while. then my "crush" said that i shouldn't like him, because no one would ever go out with that other guy. well, i sensed a bit of jealousy, but then, i forgot, i knew who he liked, or at least who im pretty sure he likes. that had depressed me continually. but, when i would look into his eyes, i felt a sigh of relief overthrow my depression. it could give someone the feeling that something good was finally presented to this world, but of course, in the form of a sinful human being. but then, if you look at the big picture, a flawless human might seem a little, "too perfect", and would probably not give you that same sense of security that he gives me, unless, he was jesus. but he isn't. he's the incredible heartbreaker that i met this summer, and fell in love with, too.


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