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It feels like my heart is hollow

we were together for a blissful 6 months when he ended things. He was angry at a terrible mistake i made and said he didnt love me anymore.

Its funny though, the way people move on. The first week was so much fun. I could do whatever i wanted, whenever i wanted though i still constantly thought of him. But the second week...

Well ive never cried so much in my life. Everything was gone, the kisses, the cuddles, the smiles, the love. He had found someone else by now to which only hurt me more. How could he have moved on so quickly when i was stil here loving him? After that week the next three went by like a blurr...Maybe i slept through them, i just dont know.

But five weeks on and id just started to feel myself again. When out of the blue he text me telling me that he wanted me back. Well after meeting afew times i agreed to try again. What else could i do i still loved him? Well what a stupid mistake for as soon as i said i wanted to try again he changed his mind and said that he now wanted to be single again.

What a complete fool i am! Now its gone back to that horrible feeling of missing something so huge. It feels like my heart is hollow and nothing i do can fill that empty pathetic feeling.


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