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What an ASSHOLE!

I really hate how a guy can take everything out of you and then just walk away... for example... we met when we were 18 things between us were so perfect he had a history that he was trying to forget (meaning bad family issues and such) he was trying to grow up and I was there for him! He had no independence skills his parents controled his money and he didn't have a drivers licenes or anything of his own I helped him mature to being able to manage his own money to helping him to learn how to drive and eventually to get a car. Every year he went away to school and I would help him move in and then drive all the way home in tears knowing that I wouldn't see him as often as before. Then my family helped him when his own family wouldn't help him! I was there for him for anything! I helped him do anything he asked I LOVED him and would have done anything for him! I would drive down to his school and suprise him I would stay for a few days and get up and make him nice breakfastes and lunches and snacks for class and made dinner for him and all of his room mates. I tried to show him that I would be a good wife and take care of him if he would let me! I did laundary, dishes, cooking and cleaning. I would help him move home every year from school and did so much for him in the name of love and devotion. When he moved home after finishing school I helped him remodel his bathroom, bedroom and livingroom doing most of the labor myself made everything the exact way he wanted and was so excited to have him back then the weekend of the fourth of july 2 months after he had returned from school I had taken off from my 3 jobs so that we could spend some fun time together and he disappeared! He did not tell anyone where he was going didn't answer his phone did not return calls didn't do anything. Then he shows up again on the 5th of july and ask me to go firework shopping like we did the day after each 4th of july. It was one of my most favorite holidays ever because of how we celebrated it and this one had made my heart brake cause he was not there and I was all alone not knowing where he was or if he was ok! N E Ways after we are done shopping he looks at me and says I know its been 4 years but I just don't think things are going to work with us about a slap in the face after 4 years those were the words I heard he was my best friend I loved him with all my heart and tried to show him in every way but nothing mattered to him I helped him get through some of the hardest times in his life and when I thought things were going great! He broke my heart and wasn't even phased by it! It was like he new all along that he was going to using me until he got to where he wanted to be in his life and then I was useless! and let me tell you it really REALLY REALLY hurts and I don't know if I will ever ever in my life be able to move on! because I am hurt beyond words! After everything I did and said to him I was so hurt! What an ASSHOLE!


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