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now i want him forever!!!!

the guy who heart me but i still love him

their once was a guy i loved we saw each other for a couple of months then i brock up with him to see if he could be the one we went out a month later and thats when i realized he loved a other girl how dare he ask me out and then like someone else i felt hate durt anger but their was nothing i could do thats what killed me he didnt tell me he didnt have the guts to say it to my face he just steped on me like if he didnt even care about my feelings what hurts the most was that i did love him! thats what heart me the most!!!! some thing else that heart me was the pain i felt when i saw him holding my BEST FRIENDS hand to think he would have gone this far i hated him then at the same time i called him all the names i never meant to say but it was to late!!! i didnt mean to hurt him it was that i loved him he was my life untill he decided he loved my best friend!!! then 2months later he said i looked great that i was the most beautiful girl he has ever seen then i gave in we went out again an know i want him forever!!!!


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