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She Kissed Me

I think I'm in love! There's this girl I go to school with, and I think she's one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen.

We hang out together, but I guess we've never actually been out on a real date. She has a role in a play that the community theater is putting on, and invited me to the opening night and the party afterward. The play takes place during the period called the "roaring twenties." I thought she was terrific in the play. She looked fantastic too, in a long black dress and very red lips. At the party afterward she was still wearing the dress and the make up she wore for the play. I told her I thought she looked great and was a great actress, and she kissed me! She left a big lipstick print on my cheek and I didn't even want to wipe it off. Some of the guys that I know were really jealous. Her father saw the lipstick on my face and laughed. "Did she leave her trade mark on you?" he asked. We went outside for a little while and kissed a little more, but I made sure to wipe off all the lipstick this time. I asked her to go out on a real date with me next week, and she said yes! I'm very excited because I think she wants to be my girlfriend! That would be great. I sure hope we get to do a little more kissing. She could even wear lipstick and I wouldn't mind!


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