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His younger sister has started calling us Mummy and Daddy

For two years, I liked the same guy. A crush turned to obsession, but there was no feeling behind it.
Not suprisingly, my heart was quick to change- I met another boy at a party and completely forgot the first. We'd known each other casually before, but began to become friends. I thought that since I'd found someone who really made me feel special, things would work out.
I was wrong again- One week later, we had a family reunion of immediate cousins. There was a boy only about 6 months younger then me, and we hit it off imediatly. Soon we were spending as much time together as possible. I began to notice how whenever we sat down, even if there was plenty of space, we would end up touching. I decided I liked it.
One day we were all sitting together, and our parents we talking about life back in India. we didn't have much to do, and I was letting my mind drift when his foot found mine under the table. For the whole hour and a half more that the adults shared there stories, he rubbed my bare foot slowly and softly with his own.
The days went by and we grew very close, but he never came out and said he had any feelings for me. We went to the ocean one day and the two of us and his nine year old sister, who we let follow us everywhere, were at the ocean. She eventually went back to play with those her age, and when we came back, she came up to us and said that another two of our male cousins thought we were in love. I just waited, and after a pause, he made some comment about the two being gay which satisfied her.
Again I was unsure if he really felt anything for me- we went to a movie and our arms were touchign the whole time, but he never took my hand. The next day, we went to a differant movie, one the parents wanted to see and which was very boring. By the end of it, his hand was on my thigh, mine was on his hip and his leg crossed over mine.
That night was to be our last night together. He had to put information into the airline website, and me and his little sister all went into my room to ue the laptop. The light was off. He put his arm across my shoulders and eventually, little by little, ended up lying half on top of me. His younger sister went to bed once the passports were booked, but his older sister came up. As an excuse to keep him there longer, I said I'd show them some funny things online. Several websites later, I started the llama song. He already had his hand on my breast, and he started to feel me and squeeze. After a while, during which the lights were still off and the song still playing, his sister began to complain. He whispered into my ear as he took his hand out of my shirt, "Let's go to the bathroom."

I am going to stp there, as this is a true story. His sister did save our arses and distracted the adults enough and lied to let us get away with all this. However, she made it clear it was a one time thing. She doesn't approve of her little brother in love with his cousin.
His younger sister has started calling us Mummy and Daddy.


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