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“You know, like bouquet, with the letter “O” placed at the end.

A handsome colored man was about to enter the elevator when he spotted a beautiful Asian lady walked pass him. He was mesmerized by her beauty instantly and thought that she looked like the prettiest flower that bloomed in the early spring. The most precious and rarest jem of all. The way she walked and smiled as she strode down the hallway, he thought that she was the finest woman that he had ever seen in his life. “Hi Paul!” He heard her yelled out with such a friendly welcome voice to a front desk man, “Man, she is fine! I got to know who she is!” E thought to himself. Instead of riding, the elevator, he stepped out, and approached Paul . “Hey Paul! Who is that girl that was just passing by?” “Well, I’m not sure what her name is, but I think she works in the purchasing department.” Responded Paul. “Oh o.k, thanks a lot, man! I am going find out who she is. I hope I see her again.” E told paul as he hit the elevator button once again. He wore a misterious smile on his face, closed his eyes and began thinking “Man, I got to find out who she is, she’s breath-taking.” E always had this fling about Asian women. There is something very delicate and beautiful about them that he has always been interested in.
E had to go to the mailroom to pick up the departmental mail. He was still daydreaming about that beautiful Asian lady. He just couldn’t get her out of his mind. There was just something about her that he found irresistable. He wondered when he would ever meet her again. As he reached to get his mail, he almost had a heart attack when the same lady walked in the room. He didn’t know what to do. His temperature was rising. He was getting sweaty. His heart was beating very fast. He got to think of something. He was desperate for her name. He was getting nervous, but he knew that he had to act quickly, or she’ll disappear again. “Hello, Hugo!” E heard her greeting he mail technician. “She seemed so friendly and so full of energy.” He thought. He couldn’t take it anymore and spurted it out “Hey, what’s your name?”
“My name is Bouakeo.” She said with a very sweet and sensuous voice. “You know, like bouquet, with the letter “O” placed at the end. “Oh cool, that’s very interesting! Well you look like a bouquet.” He complimented her.
“And what’s your name?”
“Like E John?”
“Wait, you are not gay are you?”
“No, I’m not gay. I can assure you that! I am as straight as I can be.” E confirmed. E was shocked when she made that remark. . His parents named him after a famous artist. They were a huge fan of E John at that time. The famous artist wasn’t known as a homosexual until years later. He had been waiting all his life for people to make the gay Joke. He was ready to attack anyone bringing up that joke. Somehow, when it came out from Bouakeo, he was so surprised and didn’t know what to say nor do. He was in a state of shock. “Of all of the people, why did it had to be coming from her?” He was disappointed. He liked her very much and he couldn’t say anything to offend her. At the same time, he thought that she was cute. He thought that she had a lot of cahuna! He knew right then, that since she’s not afraid to speak her mind, she is the perfect one for him. He liked that a lot in a woman.
For three weeks, E have been have lunch with Bouakeo. He would eat lunch with her in the Cafetaria. He hated the Cafetaria food. The only reason he eats there is because he wanted to be with Bouakeo. E learned that Bouakeo is a very honest person. When he asked her out to dinner, she told him that she was married, and have a 11 year old daughter. He was very surprised at the news, but he really appreciated her prompt honesty. She could have lied that she is single and available, but she was sincere to him for the very beginning. E was very disappointed and sad. The woman of his dream is already taken. He knew it was too good to be true. They became friends and gotten closed to each other everyday. They shared the same interests in art, music, and much more. There was instant compatibility and found each other to be an amusing companion. She felt attracted to him, but she wasn’t sure if his feeling was mutual. Later she was confident that he felt the same about her. The more he sees her the more he liked her. Their cellular phone became a extremely important and useful tool. They would talk about everything, whenever chance they got. Apparently, they couldn’t get enough of one another. Every time they have to part, their heart would be broken and would feel really sad. He thought she was the sweetest thing, most wonderful person, and had the greatest personality. He was falling in love with her. He had never met any woman quite like her in his life.

One day, something happened. She told E that she wasn’t happy with her marriage. She was miserable and depressed. She never loved her husband. She told him the whole story little by little everyday. How she met her husband secretly. Bouakeo was allowed to have a boyfriend. . The fact that her parents was being old fashion. She was supposed to stay home at all times. They don’t believe in dating, because of the reputations that they might have. Bouakeo have to marry the first man she dated. A man who was introduced by her friend named Wanjico, who’s went to elementary and high school with her. She didn’t get to know this guy. Everything was a rushed. Therefore, she was being pressured to marry her this Mexican man, named Franco. Franco came to United States illegally. He crossed the borderline with any legal documents. He was using someone’s name and social security numbers, in order to stay in Chicago working. Bouakeo was pitying him. So she was helping him by marrying him. She did it out of pity. She was young and thought that was the right thing to do at that time. She never loved him. She didn’t feel complete and wasn’t happy. He had some good traits about him. He was generous and respectable to her and family. Unfortunately, he wasn’t her type. They didn’t share the same interests. She was outgoing and cool. While he’s quiet and mellow. Whenever she acted funny or silly, he would tell to grow up. “Stop acting childish. You’re too goofy!” He was always reprimand her and would let her be her be herself. Bouakeo would feel bad and wondered why people wouldn’t let her be herself.
Bouakeo wasn’t a happy child. She was being traumaticed growing up ugly. She was always lonely, and being left out. She didn’t really any friends. The children all thought that she was crazy and strange. They would make fun of how she looked. She didn’t look like a type Asian girl. Unlike any a typical asian, her eyes were large. Her lips were so big. What’s worst is that she had protruded giantic teeth, which made her lips appeared to be less attractive . She got teased often and would call her by all kinds of unpleasant names. Some adult would sometimes teased her as well. They would tell her that her lips looked like a bird, cow, and horse. She would come home crying in her bedroom, and asked herself “Why do I have to be so ugly?” and wished that she was pretty. Deep inside, Bouakeo knew that she is special from everyone else. No one understands how she really feels. She had a kind heart and also very generous. She is very considered and have lots of sympathies toward people like homeless, handicap, or someone like herself, being neglected at all the time, with no friends.
Everyday, she would prayed to God asking him to make her pretty. Maybe she would have more friends, if she was pretty. Her parents felt sorry for her. They didn’t know what to do. “No man is going to marry her, we got to do something about her. She’s too ugly.” Her father discussed with her mother one day. Her parents decided to save money, so they could have their daughter’s teeth straighten, by wearing braces. Hopefully, her looks would improve. They couldn’t stand the pain that their daughter went through.
When Bouakeo just turned seventeen, she got braces. Her teeth was so crowded, that the orthodontist had to extract four of her teeth out. She had to endure the pain. She was bleeding for a very long time. She couldn’t eat for many hours. She suffered three years of pain. Everytime, she visited the orthodontist, he would tightened her braces so tightly, that she would be in pain for a few days and couldn’t chew on anything. After six months, the gaps from her teeth started to close. Her feature started to change dramatically. She was turning into a swan before everyone’s eyes. Many people who knew her at that time were amazed at her transformation. Her ugly smile turned into beautiful and enchanted smile. Now she has a define, well shape, and almost a button nose. Unlike the common flat Asian nose, she had height to her nose. She used to hate her nose so much. It has this unusual nostrils that flared up and being stretched backward. How she wished she was born with a better nose. Many Asians had their nose done. A few people had suggested that Bouakeo should have her nose fixed as well. The thought going under the knife and being stitched scared the devil out of her. Besides, her parents wouldn’t have that kind of money. Paying for her braces is already cost them an arm and a leg.
Bouakeo appreciated her parents so much. They are the best parents in the world to her. They can be very serious and strict. That’s because they cared and they loved their children so much. They just wanted the best for their children. Her mother is very funny. She has a very distinguished accent. She understands everything and speaks English, but she often mixed the words around. For example, she would mixed the P’s and The F’s around. One day, she was driving with her friend, and she was looking for parking on Argyles street. “I am mad, there’s no Farking!” She Yelled with frustration. “Oh, are you cursing?” Her friend was shocked to hear her cursed. But the truth is that she was just trying to say parking. Bouakeo likes to immitate her mother a lot. People usually love her jokes about her mother. They think it’s hilarious. Of all of the children, Bouakeo is the most out-going and bazzaar one. Her parents always scolded her about her manners. They thought she was very clumpsy. She would eat very slowly. She often tripped on something and dropped things on the floor. She grew up being very skinny and unattractive. She’s very weak and barely could lift anything heavy. Her family was worried about her. Out of the children, she was the most vulnerable one.
Bouakeo was born on March 7, 1972. One day in Laos, Viengtienne, her Father took out her mother was pregnant with her to a movie theater. They were watching a Laotion Cinderella Movie. On their way home, her mother broke her water. So actually, Bouakeo is actually named after a movie star. Her mother thought that the name Bouakeo would suit her.
Bouakeo often wondered, of all the countries, how did she happened to be Laotian. Laos is a very small country. It’s beautiful, but it’s very poor. Not too many people knows about Laos. When someone mentioned that the country to others, they would like “Where’s that at?” or “What part of China is it?” They are clueless, when it comes to this small country. (To be continued by Bouakeo 773-663-1312)


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