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i am going on holiday in a week so i am glad i wont be speaking to him

wher do i start, me and my partner have been through everything bad and good!lol i love him to bits... and even when we argue we end up even more in love....but iam so annoyed at the moment, because i love him so much i get really jealous and he doesn't understand what to say and what not to. anyways hes on holiday right now for 5 weeks.(iam going mental) he rung me the other day and he sounded really down i thought okay maybe because he's tiered and it is too hot...or maybe even better he is missing me... we had a really lovely conversation but then it all went wrong. He HAD to ruin it by adding a story to the end ... telling me how gorgeous and beautiful she is, and how they walk down the street and everybody stares and they think she is his wife and how they take her daughter out and evryone looks shocked that this gorges yung couple have a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it ended up to be the most daunting conversation ever, iam dreading speaking to him next, iam going on holiday in a week so iiam glad i wont be speaking to him.


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