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A Hesitant Start, a Wonderful Finish

I had a close group of friends from work. When I was fired from my job, I decided to go back to school, but continued to hang out with my friends.
One day, I received a call from one of my gal pals: one of the group had died (he was the husband of an ex-coworker).
I spend the afternoon at my friends mothers house and went also to her aunts house. At her aunts house, i met her cousin (his girlfriend was also at the house). I thought nothing of it. I was there for my friend who was grieving. I was grieving. I noticed that he was asking his cousin questions about the group of people that went to pay respect, but I kept catching him steal glances.

Months later, his cousin (my ex-coworker and widow) told me that he has asked about me and has expressed interest in getting to know me. A few days later, she told me that he and his girlfriend at the time had broken up. Day after day, I kept hearing about the cousin who wanted to get together, he thought I was beautiful and that he liked me and what he was told about me. Other friends of mine also joined on the getting to know him bandwagon. One night, I had a dream that I met him again, and we hit it off, became a couple and life was happily ever after. It felt right.

At 25, I decided that I was going to stop waiting for love. I was going to school and was going to live life for me. "If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, then I am ok with it."

A few months after that, I had had a horrible month. On a friday, my friend called me up and said that they wanted to go to a club; I was not in the mood to party. The afternoon was a bunch of back and forth calls. THen one call, she said her cousin might go also. I, again, was not in the mood. She called and told me that he was tired from work, but would go if I went so he could meet me (formally). I decided to go for it.

It was akward, meeting him again, knowing that he liked me. A group of us (3 girls and him) went to BONGOS. We talked some. He asked if he could kiss me. We made plans to get together monday for another group date. Monday was still a bit weird, but we made plans for our 1st alone date.

The next week, he asked if we could date exclusively.
It is now 2 years later, and I am so in love with this man. We are planning on getting married. I am in love with him, his parents, his daughter. He is the man that I have drempt of finding since I was a little girl. He is the most gentlest, loving, caring, understanding, precious, hard working, protective, providing, tenderest man that could ever exist.


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