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Cowboy Love

ha ha yall aint going to beleive this story. Okay, I was at a trailride and i saw this really hott cowboy and it was just kind of love at first site. I think he really liked me too. Well thats what my friend sayed. That made me so happy to here that, cause I am always so down on my self. but anyways all the parents went out to the bars to party and i went to the end of our camp and started roping the poles that were in the ground.

and you would never guess who was walkin by. it was him!!! he stared at me and i stared at him i was to scared to talk to him because i was scared i would sound stupid....but he sayed hi and i was like hi. So i started ropin again and he asked if he could borrow a rope and i was like ya sure....but of coarse i was excited that he asked me. then all of a sudden we started roping each other and i accidently roped him and pulled him down and made him fall flat on his butt. at first i thought he was going to be mad but instead he pulled me down on top of him and at that time i had alot of things running through my mind like "WOW" and then we had to say goodbye.. but then i saw him again and thats when he got the nerve to ask me out i was so excited.

but now its been 4 months this fourth of july and we r going to celebrate ; ) lol i will be good i hope u enjoy my story its my first time actually riting sumthing


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