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Moved In after 3 Weeks

My story is a true story of love at first site. I was at a show one night watching a few local bands perform with some friends. I wasn't having the greatest time until this other band came on. The lead singer was gorgeous. There waw something about him, I couldn't believe how drawn to this man I was. But, I didn't think I would have a chance at such greatness and let it be (besides, I was on a date!)

Well, as time went on it turned out that we had the same circle of friends, only everytime he was around I ended up doing something horrifically embarrassing (you know, a siezure at his feet, things like that!!!), so everytime he was around I gave up on him again. Until one day he walked by me at work and started chit chatting. I didn't even know he worked where I worked. A chat led to another, and then a phone call, and then some emails and then the confession that he had a crush on me (after a couple of weeks of hard core flirting, though niether of us were brave enough to make a move!!).

There was another problem though. I had just found out that I had gotten a new job in a different city and would be leaving in a week. We had a talk about what we should do since I was moving and what we wanted and he rambled on about a million and a half things that didn't make it to my brain. I cut him off and told him all I wanted was one kiss. Just so that I could see. Those were my exact words. Just one kiss.

We had never hung out alone before, so I invited him to a friends where I was babysitting. I put the kids to bed and he showed up and I woke up the next afternoon laying beside the most amazing man I have ever met. There was so much electricity between the two of us that I thought my heart was going to explode. I had never felt anyhting like this before, it was scary and exhilerating at the same time!!

I moved a week later. We stayed in touch, in fact a month later he packed up everything he had and he moved in with me. I've never been happier. He's never been happier. Last week he proposed to me. I said yes. I met the man of my dreams and it just so happened I was the woman of his dreams. We are living proof that dreams do come true.

There you have it, the old met and moved in together three weeks later - true love lasting - now were getting married story. How's that for a love story?


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