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He's a Handsome Man

i never really knew what LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT was. When all my friends were gushing about it, i was like "Huh? How can you fall for someone just like that?"...I thought it would never happen to me. Then one day, it hit me and i fell hard.

i was with my friend R and he was one of her friends. You can call it clichéed or whatever you want, but when i saw him, my heart missed a beat and i found it really hard to breathe.

He's the most handsome guys i've ever met and i felt attracted to him instantly. We instantly got along and i fell even deeper in love with him as i got to know him. It was amazing how handsome he was on the inside too.
I did not want to tell R about how i felt for him because... i dont know why...
Then one day, R, oblivious to my feelings towards him revealed that she had a crush on him ever since ever. i was crestfallen. But what could i do? He was her friend, one of her closest friend and i knew then that all my chances with him were gone.

I can't tell him that i love him now. And i won't, for the sake of my friend.
All i can do, is crave for him in silence.


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