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Now 6 years later our love continues to grow and we are now engaged


Meeting xxxxxxx was the best thing thats ever happened to me. Before meeting xxxxx, I had just come out of a nasty relationship turned out that he cheated on me and I was so sick of boys and gave up on looking for Mr Right, I made a promise to myself that I was going to enjoy being single for at least 2 years and have fun with the girls, but after two weeks being single after a break up I changed my mind that I really wanted to find my Mr Right and my sister introduced me to the internet and told me that I might find Mr Right and I laughed it off thinking that'll never happen!!! I was on the chat site for 3 weeks and there was no one that appealed to me, I was afraid of getting back into a relationship because of what I went thru with all the guys, they always found some excuse to end the relationship because they did not except me for being hearing impaired, if you ever met me you would never guess that I'm hearing impaired but to those who I went out with me found it a problem.

Anyhow back to the internet, now it was my 4th week on the internet and finally someone appealed to me, he was so sweet and everything he said he was honest and completely different to those I spoke to. We clicked straight away, after exchanging photos of ourselves, I was so intrigued by his cute smile and wanted to get to know him a bit more before we met for the first time, he was 20 and I was 22 at the time and the age difference didn't bother us at all. We chatted for 3 months and finally we took up the courage to meet up. I felt so nervous as I met xxxxxx he was a lot taller than I thought, he took me to a fancy restaraunt and we hardly spoke to each other because we felt so shy with each other and I had butterflies in stomach nothin I experienced with my exes, as the day went by we went to a movie after we ate, I felt an instant attraction and I was looking forward to get to know him more after a few more dates. He was such a gentlemen he walked me to my front door and kissed me on my cheek I was so impressed with him.

After 3 days of meeting he called me and asked me out on another date, this time we went to a 21st party, we had a ball together we even spoke to each other for hours and we felt like we knew each other before and as the night ended he drove me home, before walking me to the door we spoke in his car for another couple of hours and he couldn't stop telling me how much he was glad that he met me and he asked me to be his gf and he wanted to know what I felt about him, I poured out my heart to him and said that I love to be his gf, we had our first kiss and I was over the moon!!!! I had tingles in my body as we kissed. He told me that I'm his first gf and he never had a gf before, I had tears in my eyes because I had so many bf's and I didn't want him to think bad of me,I opened up and told him they cheated on me but I wasn't ready to tell him about my hearing impairment because I so afraid that I was going to lose him too I waited for the right moment to tell him.

After 3months of dating I thought it was fianlly time that xxxxx meet my parents, my parents were so eager to meet this guy I had been dating, he impressed my mum with a rose and a bottle of scotch for my dad, as my dad was trying to fill up his new bar. My parents absolutely loved him, especially my Dad he hated all the other guys I dated but for this guy he gave a thumbs up. Now that I introduced him to my parents he took me to his parents and I got on well with his parents and they too was impressed with me.

8 months down the track and we were still going strong, It was time I told him about my hearing impairment, I thought he was going to think twice about the relationship and dump me but being the sweet that he is he simply told me that he didn't care what was in my ear and he loved me for me. Oh I was so touched and I made sure that I was going to hang on this guy coz it's so hard find nice guys these days.

We made it to one year on the 6th of February 2000, for our 1st anniversary he took me to a 5 star hotel and treated me like a queen, it's been one year and none of friends got to meet him, my bestfriend was the first to meet my bf, as they got talking my bestfriend felt that she has seen him before, she went home and bought me a photo that I should see, she was a flower girl and to my amazement there was my bf standing next to her, he was the page boy, they were both 6 years old at the same wedding, it didn't end there my aunty and his mum were classmates back in Sri Lanka and there was more his grandparents and my grandparents knew each other too, It was very bizarre,I felt that we were destined to be togther.

Now 6 years later our love continues to grow and we are now engaged, we will be getting married next November 2007. I thank God everyday for the love of my life, I'm so grateful to have found the best bf and fiance. I look forward to many more years together.



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