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I Chose Love over Money

Five months ago I had been not-so-happily married for a year and a half, but we'd been together for 5 years before getting married and I felt trapped. Fortunately my husband was supportive of my desire to volunteer in Central America. I left with every intention of returning five months later and starting a family a year or so later.

On the trip I met a local guy. It was just a crush at first as I knew I was married and if anything happened it would just be for fun. But the more I got to know him the more I started falling for him. We talked about my marriage and as much as he understood my reasons for staying he made me understand that I was lying to both my husband and myself. He ended up being the motivation I needed to finally get out of my marriage. I still had no idea at that point whether he was interested in me for more than the duration of my trip. I was then a free woman again as I had ended things with my husband.

I have fallen in love so deeply with this guy it blows my mind. I never knew that I could ever feel the way I do with someone, I had definitely been missing out on a lot. This guy has stayed with me, through my divorcing my husband and my return to my country. He is very poor by our standards and I'm sure had a number of doubts of whether I would really return to live with him. We have very little there, I'm going from living in a 3 bedroom house on a 0.5 acre lot to a one room with a bed and tv. I am giving up every material comfort I ever thought I needed to have every emotional comfort instead and a love so pure and simple.

We spend our weekends in our little room just enjoying each other, as there are so many fewer commitments to other people and jobs. I have never once thought twice about my decision and I will forever be changed by it...


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