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now I have a good boyfriend

When I was 14 i went out with a guy called Jamie, he asked me out because I knew him for like 10 years and he lived next door to me, we started going round to each others house's and next I knew we started kissing, then once he came to mine and we started snogging we never got further than that, he did respect me but he was just the guy next door and (like most girls do when they have a boyfriend) they eliminated their friends for the guy they thought they loved, but I still wanted to hang with friends and flirt with other guys, so anyways I thought the relationship I was having with Jamie was a bit boring so I started ignoring thinking he would eventually dump me because I didn't want to dump him but instead he started getting obsessive and stalking me so I knew I had to do something so one day I plucked up the courage to dump him were friends now, i went out with him because he was nerdy and I felt sorry for him, now I have a good boyfriend.


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