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All I See is Perfection

I was friends with this guy for about two years...He dated one of my friends right after I met him and I was with a guy that I had been with several months before hand. We've always talked about our relationships. And both of our relationships ended after 7 1/2 months exactly!

We both dated quite a few other people and then two years down the road, we were hanging out with a group of friends one night and he kissed me it was a big surprise to me I never expected it! However, I had always liked and admired him since the day we met. And it was amazing to find out that he had felt the same way that whole time.

We got together right after that and we've been together since. I can tell that he's the one I'm supposed to be with, I get butterflys every time I'm around him, talking about him, or hear his name. He makes me the happiest person. And he's changed me dramatically and I am such a better person because of him! He's both my best friend and my boyfriend and it's the perfect combination! I love him so much and I hope that were together forever!

I'm know that I'm only 17, but I don't know what I would do without him, he's my whole world! And this is the kind of love where in him all I see is perfection! Someone can sit and point out all the things wrong with him, but I just never see it! And I love that!


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