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i was soOoOo happy that i jumped up and screamed "yes!!!"

It was 7 months ago when me and him met,well, not really maybe 11 months ago. the day i met him, he came to my house to pick up his brother. my best friend had spent the night then. we were in my garage and then he walked up my drive way, the second i saw him i fell in love... (that makes me a bad person, huh?) but its not just his body, but his eyes.... i fell in love with his eyes.(but the rest was a plus too!) lol. at that moment, time froze. and before i kew it i invited him in the garage to sit in the couch. he kept smiling at me, so i kind of knew he liked me. then it hit me, i saw him in school once. i was about to start talking to him and flirt but when we just started talking, his girlfriend came...(dun dun dun!!) as you probably know, finding your boyfriend in a garage with 2 girls isnt the best... um.... stituation. ( she was pissed!) but, to make a long story short, she cheated on him, then he cheated on her, then they broke up, then unfortunatley i had a bf at the time.and that sucked.... dont get me wrong, i liked the guy, but i didnt get the vibe that the feeling was mutual. so, i broke up with him, a week later he asked me out. i was soOoOo happy that i jumped up and screamed "yes!!!" and i kissd and hugged and huged and kiss and over and over. i was so happy. later that day, i told my mom, she said, "Brandy, dont go out with this boy unless you know for sure some other litle boy wont steal you away." right then i looked her straight in the eyes and told her," mom, i love him, and there is no boy that could ever change that. i would never give him up." my mother had a tear in her eye.
-----------7 months later--------( a few days earlier)-----

My brother had a problem with me having a boyfrined and was starting to show some attitude about it. (who is he to talk, he is married and has a kid!) finally i turned to him and looked at him in the eyes with the most serious look on my face, and said," jerry, dont make me choose, because i'll choose him." and that was that, he has not bugged me about it again. now i just have to deal with his parents!!! (boy, do i have a ton of problems)

want to know somethin that sucks?
01.his parents hate me.
02.his parents do everything they can to hurt me emotionaly.
03.they once almost made him go to an all girl pool party ( thrown by his ex girlfriend.)
04.when he was grounded he was alowed to go to other girls parties, and talk on the phone with other girls.
05. and the kicker, they made him break up with me....TWICE!!!
but i love him so much, so i take him back.i ment what i said ( i know, you probably think im stupid, nuts, and stubborn. but i love him with all my heart . and i'll take everything that comes my way just to be with him. i havent just given him 7 months of my life, i gave him my heart and my soul .... i dont think there is anything he does not have. and no matter what, he will always have it.
and if anyone who reads this has someone like this and feel the same way, i hope you guys last for ever. i really do.

- Brandy


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