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Every day with Him is a dream and every dream seems to be real

I find myself walking along a shore of purple sand, by an ametyst sea,beneath a silver sky with three(!!!)huuge moons in it.And He is walking beside me-my love,my man,my dream!
We dont speak,but after a while,quite naturally,my hand streaches out a little of its own accord,and meets His reaching for mine:)Our fingers entwined,we climb up the purple dunesthrough sand as soft as powdered velvet.There we sit down together,on the top of the tallest dune,listening to the sea and watching as the moons set,one after another,like blue pearls on an invisible chain being pulled below the horizon.I lean my head to the side to His shoulder and His arm comes around me and pulls me closer.
My heart starts to pound and my skin comes alive,so that im acutely aware of the brush of His fingers against it,the touch of the warm breeze on my face. I feel my stomach tighten,and when he bends His head down to mine and i lift mine to meet His and our lips meet,I feel as if lightning has jumped between us,or maybe a spark of life itself,though I cant tell if it goes from me into Him or the other way round.
He turns more towards me,and His free hand comes to cup my breast;my nipples harden and the soft teasing of His fingers sends jolts of pleasure through me,making the secret part of mine tighten and burn with expectation. I moan a little,and my lips part insensibly beneath His kiss,and His tongue slips between them,teasing and tickling my lips and teeth and playing with my tongue,until I-...
...-DAMN IT!...
I come awake all at once yearning desperately for His presence.But He is not there.Im all alone waiting for the day i wake up from my dream just to continue it in real.
Every day with Him is a dream and every dream seems to be real.I MISS YOU SO MUCH !!!


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