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When he came home I broke up with him

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 2 years and it has been the best 2 years of my life. One day everything was going smoothly until one day the phone rang and it was another girl and so I gave the phone to him and he went into the other room to talk, he wa in there for about 20 min and when he finally came out I asked him who that was and he said that is was somebody calling from his work. I told him ok and went on cleaning, a little while later he told me he had to go up to the store to get stuff for his meeting tomarrow. He was gone for about an hour and I was starting to worry so I called him on his cell phone and somebody picked up but it wasn't him it was a girl and I was all like who is this and she said her name was Katelyn and I knew there was this girl that he had liked for a long time but I had thought she was married. I said is David there and she said yup hold on,so once he got on the phone and I calmly asked him who was that and he said that was Katelyn and I said ok and who is she and he said she is an old friend. When he came home I broke up with him because I could not take a relationship where he cheats on me!


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