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A Love Poem

I wrote this poem about how I vision meeting the girl of my dreams for the first time in person. I met her over the internet and I'm meeting her in a week. I feel like she's my soul mate and I know she feels the same way! The poem set is in Chicago, hence the rain. I hope you all enjoy it and wish me luck next week!! ;)

~Fond Love~
Iíve once a love so fond,
Iíll come and visit someday.
Unfamiliar towns and streets
Iíll have you to show the way.

I exit from the plane,
To find you waiting so
Iíve waited for this moment so long,
More than youíll ever know.

The eternal rains slow with time,
And fall like feathers to the ground
The planes land with grace and ease
As my heart is calm and sound.

The sight of you is pure beauty,
And I grasp your hands in mine,
I gently dip you around my waist
To share a kiss divine.

After eternity,
And the gods tear away our kiss
I wander back to a hallow place
Where my heart will surely miss

Weíll be together again,
Standing hand in hand.
My heart will never grow weak or dim
As long as our love stands.


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