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Things aren’t perfect… nothing wonderful ever is

I love him. I’ve decided I can’t deny that anymore.

When we first met we were both wary. I think I wasn’t used to caring about someone and I think he was too used to being hurt. Somehow I worked up the courage to tell him how I felt… but he could only answer with the truth. He was still uncertain.

That boy… he made me so angry back then. Even though we were ‘just friends’... when I was with him I was happy. When I didn’t see him it made me crazy. I can’t even count all the time’s I cursed his ‘stupidity’ and inconsistency.

But the moment he kissed me, I silently forgave all that. He had made up his mind. He could trust me. Knowing that made all the difference. Words can’t describe that kiss, or the moments that followed. It was just right… so very right.

Things aren’t perfect… nothing wonderful ever is. He still has barriers… to prevent being hurt like he has been in the past. But little by little, he’s letting me go beyond them. I still have faults… things about myself I want to change, for him and for me. But he’s patient and I know I’ve changed, just by loving him.


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