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Everyday at scool i saw him with his girlfriend.It broke my heart

I met this guy at school i really liked him alot. And i knew that he felt the same thing for me because of the way he acted with me.We were good friends.One day when we were on class he send me a note with his friend asking me if i wanted to go out with him.I was really happy.But my parents didn't let me have a boyfriend.I knew that they couldn't know if i went out with him.But i was scare anyways.So with sadness i said no.I felt horrible.But i thought that if he really like me he will ask me again so waited.Weeks passed.One day i saw him at lunch.But he was going out with someone else already.When i got home i went to my room so no one could notice.When i was in my room i started crying.Thinking that his love for me wasn't like i thought.But i realkly love him anyways.Everyday at scool i saw him with his girlfriend.It broke my heart.


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