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My best friend ashley and i liked this guy but i didn't tell anyone i liked him

My best friend ashley and i liked this guy but i didn't tell anyone i liked him so she asked him out thinking i was fine with it and i was but then a few weeks later he told her and everyone at our lunch table (stupid idea) that he wanted to break up with ashley and i can almost be sure it was 2 minutes later that he asked me out again telling everyone at the lunch table (really stupid idea) i still really liked this guy and so instead of saying yes or no i went to talk to my other friends at another table and so ashley got mad because she expected me to say no right there. So later when she told me why i went up to the guy and told him no but i still had feelings for him so then a few days later i told him i was thinking about it and ashley got mad but this time i had 2 try with this guy so eventually she was okay with it so i was fine but then he was in domestic arts telling everyone ashley was bi-sexual and she got mad so i acted a little mad and ashley told me he was being a jerk and i told him i wouldn't go out with him (i hated doing it though) so then he got mad cuz ashley told me not 2 and i listened so he showed her a newspaper add about a man caught for child porn (it made her upset cuz her dad was charged with the same thing) so he got suspended and was so mad at me. After all that i love this guy and if what he told me was true then he loves me to. So see love does really exist even in something as far away from a fairy tale as possible. (the names in this story have in fact been changed and it is as real as u and me)


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