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i was who still he love so much

i had a boyfriend and it takes 6 months we broke up because he is having another i thing so many girlfriends.not only me.but since then he told me that i was who still he love so much!

i had a boyfriend and we've been 2gether for 6 months,but i broke up with him because he has another girl...perhaps so many girlfriends!but he told me every now then that he love me so much.Then i asked why you have to replaced me? you know how much i loved you. I been faithful to you and honest!he replied,you is for serious relation and the rest girls are only for my fun,but then there is something in them that i can't find you, and also there is something in you that no one will ever have except you. Now all i can say is I WILL NEVER LOVED AGAIN becoz i don't wanna hurt anymore,i remember when the time i realized that its over,i cried and cried at the same time i laugh! i laugh becoz of my foolishness. Coz till now i loved him so much....even if she has so many girlfreinds now, i still care for him. But im not totally foolish. I had a kinda respect to my self that's why i survive. Now somebody told me that his new gf is certainly my bestfreind! at first there wer tear flowing in my face, i did'nt know why? then later i laugh coz eversince the two are having secrets when he was still my bf. Now my bestfriend is still denying.although i can feel that there is something wrong with them. the fact that the "development" is there.There is no use for them to denied.
Now im happy with my life, being single. Although there is so many suitors around, no problem becoz i had a what we called "PALABRA DE AMOR"


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