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I will always love her

It happened 2 years ago. I began to fall for her. I always seemed to smile more when I was with her, look at her more... But it never registered. Until I walked into my school one morning and saw her laughing. My heart stopped and jumped up to my throat. I knew from that moment I loved her. I spent all my time thinking about her, dreaming about her and trying to talk to her. We weren't that close, that needed to change. And it did. The next few months we slowly built up more of a close relationship. I was never more happy and content than when I was with her. I needed to make her laugh, make her be happy as payment for the countless joy she has given me. It hasn't been all joy though... There has been many sad, angry, confused hours. When I question life and myself. When I'm not with her and I want to be. But when I talk to her and she smiles at me it all seems worth it. The next year we became close friends. She was more wondeful than I thought, if possible. No one can make me laugh or smile like she can. Or hurt for that matter. She only sees me as a friend. It's not perfect, heck it hurts like hell sometimes, but it will do. Then I heard it. She's talking about moving school to another country... In one sentence my heart stopped. I swear it did. Our class is also getting split even if she doesn't move. I can't comprehend my life without her. I need her. I would love to believe she needs me too. I can see my next few years already. One option is forced to live completely without her or to say a quick hi in passing. Both options are horrid. I will always remember the days I recall being wondeful, I will always love her.


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