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he's the first person who i actually Loved.

i met him at a birthday party for my neighbor, and it was magical. we fell in love that very night, but it was hard. we both went to different schools, and my parent's didn't like me having a boyfriend. So, when we could, he would come over, and I would go to my neighbor's. We got to be together every few months, which wasn't enough for me. I cried almost every night, thinking about him, and wanting to hold him in my arms. Whenever we talked, he told me the same thing. everything was perfect...
Tonight, I saw him, and I was so excited when i found out he was coming. But when he got here, there was something different. It felt as if he didn't put as much love into his hugs, and the whole time, i felt like there was something i had done wrong. It might have been because his sisters were there, or my friends that he'd never met, but i still feel as it there's someting wrong. Now i don't know if we'll stay magical forever, or if it was just a one time thing. Whatever it is, I'll always remember, because he's the first person who i actually Loved.


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