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the next day all I could remember was his eyes

I met this guy at a party I was having,in fact he was my best friend's ex boyfriend.I tried sneaking out to see him that night,though I made it,all I got was a kiss goodnight and an "I'll see you this weekend".I didn't think much of it that night,but the next day all I could remember was his eyes.After seeing him and having a one night stand we parted ways because he got back together with his ex.That really broke my heart,but two months later,I call him up ask if he wants to hang out the coming up weekend and he agrees.That night he came over he asked me to be with him and I said yes.We were together for two months,and though it seems so short all toogether it was 6 months.I fell in love so fast.WE always had to speak to each other daily and if not we would both worry and think something was wrong.During our last two weeks of being together we started fighting a lot and one day he just got so sick of it,he broke up with me.It's been about a month now and I still deeply love and miss him and want him back so baldy though he's with someone else and said to just leave him alone for now because I tore him apart.I would do anything to see him again,just like he drove an hour to pick me up cause I got kicked out of my house last weekend.


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