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only think about the positive

before i met my new boyfriend, i use to cry almost everynight over my ex-boyfriends and how god never made me my love,now that i met him, i feel so happy ...we just started going out for a couple of days, and im starting to fall in love with is the day that im going to tell him that i love him....ever since we started dating i've been waking up in the middle of the night, thinking about him and how lucky i am to have him...he's in 11th grade and im in 9th grade, and he tells me that he cant stop thinking of me too...he is so sweet and special, we would hold hands and he would walk me to my classes.... a lot of people stares because he's white and im asian,he's really tall, and im kinda short, and im kinda big in size...but it dont matter. he tells me not to think about the negative things and only think about the positive, he always know what to say and i just love him so much!!


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