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i hate her, i hate her, i hate her,

i am student of engineering in malaysian university, in this university there r so many students from different countries are studying on scholarships by a petroleum company petronas, I got admission in
Electrical and girl whom i fall in love she was also my classfellow because she also has major in electrical, as time goes on i liked that girl but i couldnot able to know how does she think about me, so i did some chat with her in order to make her sure there is someone who loves her, but i couldnot able to know this thing, but after sometimes she got boy friend and i thought its normal, he is his just boyfriend atleast not lover who is thinking to marry with her, so I adopt some illegal means to know how does she think about me, I create fake id of female, and tried to talk to her, but i asked him about the country whom i belong, she had very negative view about me and my country, even she putsome fake allegation, now i hate her, and i think i am first lover who has declared war against my X-love, it is right, when deep love converts to hate, its not only hate but deep hate, now when i look at her, i just move my face to some other place as first when i just look her for one glance i was happy just like i won any thing but now everyhing is changed i hate her, i hate her, i hate her, it is saying , when u lose money nothing lost, but when u ill, nothing only health is lost but when chracter is lost everything is lost, do u know why she said about me and my country felows, they(we) have rowing eyes and we looked at them with hunger but truth is we look at her with love and respect but she didnt understand me now i hate her,


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