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i will never ever love again

i dont think that this is right to share with you guys out there. but i hope you'll like this one.
well, in my first year in college, i have layed an eye with this jolly and funny guy. he seems nice and all, but didnt really know him better.
i did admired him a lot. i even loved him.
then got a chance. to make the story short, we became lovers. can you imagine, he didnt even court me, it just happen. we were together for almost 7monhts.
we always argue bout some stuff. the hardest thing is i myself knows that his heart belongs to someone else. but i did still wanna try. he was my first love and my first boyfriend and even my first kiss. could you imagine how sad it was?
he is too negative. he always thinks i am cheating on him, he always thiks that i am just using him for some reason.
to end it up, i have to give my love for him because it hurts me more to see that he is trying to get rid of me by hurting me physically and emotionally.
inever thought that this will happen to me.
my first love whom i thought that would be perfect turned into nothing.
i have learned my lessons. i will never ever love again.


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