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we flirt 24/7 and she doesnt seem to care. best friend SAID that she didnt like this guy. I told her that i was startin to like him. she siad that she had no feelings towards him at all. then i find out that theyre dating. He has liked her for a long time and he would always tell me about how much he cared for her, but i told him that i thought he should move on and i thought that he hasd , but i guess not. bc when they started datin, i was grounded. i couldnt believe it. i was really strtin to like him, but i told her that it was all like a little plan to get her and him together. but yea. she tells me all the time that she really doesnt like him that i can have him if i wanted, that he was second best for her. that makes me feel so bad. bc he would be my #1!!!! i really did like him & i still do. everyday that we spend together is sooooo amazing! i love him so much! i pray to god that he will come my way. i mean we flirt 24/7 and she doesnt seem to care.


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