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My Crush is Far Away

For once i wish i can get the boy i wanted,i dont care if i ever get any other date or get any other guy to fall in love with me.But it's so impossible because we're 4 years apart and its not bad.But he would only see me as a little kid or a tad young.It's the first time i ever been attracted to a guy.But there are more prettier girls and im just ugly and short compared to them.& He'll never ever come to where i live,no famous person like him ever comes.He's a celebrity and all the girls want him,but for once, he was the one who got me attracted.

I dont care about any other guy in the world,as long as i get him.But its impossible,cause he's far away,famous,handsome,nice,sweet,and smart and would go for some other girl who's prettier and more outgoing.


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