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Summer Love Seems to Last

The Summer Of Love!!!There is something about finding romance when you are on vacation that can be even more powerful than love at any other time. In the summer, you're away from your regular routine, you are relaxed.... thats why summer love is so meaningful; you learn that you can be loved for who you really are. Thats true0love- even if you have to go your seperate ways in september....It's magical- and lasting- and the most best feeling of all....It is believed by many that before we are born we make definate choices as to what we wish to learn and the aim we want to fufill over our lives..... There are so many of us who are wandering around aimlessly through life, wondering where we are meant to go...... Destiny is something we choose to go after.. FATE is something that happens to us, and seemingly takes away our chpices, but in fact actually leads us back towards the choice of Destiny we already made before we were born.....

~Last summer 2003 i went camping over 4th of july weekend about 4 hours away from where i lives. I was pretty bummed out at first because i was already in a relationship with someone at the time, and i had made plans to want to spend the holiday with him..... I was going to be gone for a week... and when i got there i had never expected what happened to me.... I realized that i had found someone else so much stronger at heart and someone who cought not only my eyes at 1st sight, but my heart as well... whoe ever said that love at 1st sight doesn't exist is wrong...

he was playing football with some friends, while i was walking my dog.. it came so naturally to talk and hang out for the remainder of the camping trip.. it felt like we had known eachother for years..... he had been seeing someone also at the time.. and it was hard for us to hold back feelings and emotions.. but in my heart i knew that we were truly the ones meant to be together...

after a wonderful 4th of july camping trip we had.. we had to go back home... unfortunatly he lives about 2 hours from me.. he had never even been to the lake before... he went with a friend of his family's... when i got back home we still kept in touch.. i had problems with my guy.. and we broke out when highschool started.... he and i still......... 11 months later are as crazy about eachother as we were when we met.. and truly know that when schools over with.. we will be together too.. we hate having to wait like this... but 1 of these days.... we'll make this work.. hes the boy of my dreams... IT'S FATE!


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