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cause thats life not a story,its real.

i loved him but said no,
he used to tease me ,i used to get irritated, but i liked it,one day he went to far teasing me said that he loved me, i got embarrsd and talked to him the next day, he said it wasn't a joke, i thought he was lying. so he stoped teasing me , i felt bad , that day i know he cried,but i couldnt do anything to stop the pain, i wanted to take him in my arms and make his pain go awaybut i coudnt,i am a coward. i tired to talk to him online but i dont know how things got out of hand we had a fight , i havnt talked to him since, and i dont think i ever will either. he tired to come near me by bumping into me here and there, but i kept moving away , he had said the meanest things that day, i did too, i am sorry , i want to say that to him, now he has forgotten , moved on , i need to do that too, but i cant, I LOVE HIM and thats the truth. In six months we will never see each others face again, he will go his way and i will go mine, and thats how my story will end, cause thats life not a story,its real.


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