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OH GOD there is so much magic in love and in him

Childhood SweetHeart
Both of families used to go on picnics togetehr, well before that, so this was nothing new picnic for us, I had my elder sister with me and he has a yonger brother too. We always used to group up and tease the remaining one.
They used to visit our place, and all four of us used to play fish-fish on a big bed. We used to catch one and tickle him a lot. So far for background. his picnic, I had recently started wearing spectacles. We had been to Mahabaleshwar
My head was paining like anything. My siste was etasing me from wearing a scarf I was very very irritated. Then he came and gave me some of his 5-10 minutes.
It was all fine the entire day, I didn't feel anything great, But when time came at night for him to return back to his place, We had a jeep, I was not able to get down from it, I went home, was lying down for sleep. I started crying and craving for him.
I thought ove r this for many months and then realized that I was missing him so much, I was involved in him.

Meanwhile, i used to go at his place, just for being with him. He used to have a crush on a girl, he used to talk to me ablut it. He has a love marriage. but my feelings for him were so strong that I couldn't jsut walk away from him. i did'nt knew whether
he understood my feelings or not. I liked what he said. what he wore, anything...But i never did let him know. But somehow, I guess he also had started feelings for me. MEanwhile, we had some more family trips. In one such trip, he was entirely with me.. In the next one, he hole my hand. again it was a
backopen jeep, we were holding hands outside the jeep, when we were still sitting inside. His just a touch, creates waves inme.He at that time was in 2nd year of engineering or so. He was still commited to this girl, but he was with me. W enever spoke out anything to each other, It was just happening, SLowly and staedily.
We never have spoken about it. Still somewhere we knew that we like each other. As days passed by untill I fifnshed my engineering, he was already deputed out of city, we lost touch. feelings were as strong as before. Nothing changed. I used to write him greeting cards, prpared by me. I use to prepare cake for him, and take it to the station where he used to a
alight for his train. every week. We lost touch ....Then times changed when I heard of his marriage. I knew it was coming but still.. I was hurt, i was in relation to him, so I was among one of the active members needed in his marriage. What a irony!! I happily accepted that he is happy. Just absorbed it. Still we never had talked about it. If you know Himdi, I should say
"Koi shikva na koi gila hai.
Tumse kab humko ye gam mila hai". This means I have no complaines and regrets about yo, because I was not so lucky to have these all things from you. You never gave me a chance to experience them.

Its 13 years passed by, that I still like him, still he is in my dreams. This is 2006. I am married. he is married. we both have children. Just 2 weeks before we went on a date. he asked me out. I wasfeeling guilty, but once in life time I anted to go out with my childhood sweet heart and more profoundly still the love of my heart
On the date all day morning we were talking about our respective families. It was then Mayafternoon, and we decided to see a movie.
He hold my hand I could still feel the same waves in me as I used to feel.
"How many dreams will end
How long should I pretend
How many times will love pass by me
Unitll I find you again."

I just couldn't bear it anymore, I broke out. and expressed my love for him. But by now I was 28 and he 30. It was too late for us. He then expressed his.
But still I am happy and feel lucky enought that, I was one of those rare ones to have a childhood seet heart. TO experience the real love....
May be we weren't meant to be married. GOD must reallly have kept this day for me. I just closed my eyes, and even his holding of my hands was making me breatheless
OH GOD ther is so much magic in love and in him......I still love him..and am happy that he knew i did. It was once a time when I thought that he would never know!!!!!
Thanks GOD for giving me this day!!!
Now we both are commited to our families. We are grownups now...So are very rational. That=ks GOD to make me one of those lucky ones to make me experience what true love is....


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