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Once a bird flying by saw it and fell deeply in love with with it

I jus wanna tell a short love story before i tell mine. Once there was a white rose which was extremely beautiful. The rose was very proud of its beauty. Once a bird flying by saw it and fell deeply in love with with it. The bird always went near the rose to tell about its love but came back thinking that the rose would reject its love. One day the bird heard the rose telling his friend, a weed, that it would fall in love with the one who'll turn it red. The next morning the rose woke up and saw that it was red. It was very happy. Then it saw the bird lying down dead with cuts all over it. Then it realized that it was the bird's blood which made it red. In my love story i'm the bird and the rose is a handsome, rich and proud actor. I've never been able to tell him. But i could do anything for him. I even went against my parents and joined as an assistant director for him. My love story has'nt ended as yet. It has just begun. But according to my friends i would never be able to tell him. But thats ok with me as i'm happy i've atleast got a chance to be with him all day for atlest 6 months. Hope i have a happy ending. You guys just keep praying for me. If my love succeeds it'll be the most happiest thing for me.


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