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I stood there and kissed her and that was the first kiss and i will never forget it

It was the greatest but worst summer of my life. I fell inlove with this girl but she had a boyfriend. I tried to keep it cool but we talked on the internet for hours and we even talked on the phone as they had problems so i could help her out. They broke up and shockingly she went to me it was the greatest thing thats ever happened to me but i never really met her in person. We talked but my parents were hard on me because of sports so i never got a chance to see her. My best friend later asked her back out when school started. She went to a school real close to ours so its easy for me to see her but i couldnt hurt my friend. I loved her so much and i was hurting. We all went to homecoming together and that was the first time i saw her and i couldnt keep my eyes off of her. Towards the end of the dance i tried avoiding her because i was upset that i couldnt be with her so i thought it was too good to be true. But the moment that changed my life came when she left and was walking down the school side walk about to leave. I talked to my friends and they said she left so i exited the school and there she was right there standing waiting for me. It was the most romantic moment of my life. I stood there and kissed her and that was the first kiss and i will never forget it. I love her so much and to this day we have been going out for 7 months and we both plan on having a future together.


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