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I Have a Crush but Won't Act on It

One time i saw him walking by,at the end of the school we all had to sign yearbooks.And he was my first crush,but little did i know i didnt get a yearbook,i was one of the 25 unlucky people.He walked passed me and didnt glance at me.He'd seen everyone in the class,but not me.He'd walk pass by me,like i was an invisible shadow or a nobody.

He asked everyone in the whole class to sign his year book,except me even people he had little to do with.Therefore i felt rejected and hurt,as if this wasnt the worst day of my life.I got rejected and ignored by my crush he doesnt know im alive and he's never talked to me before.But i still think he's the cutest guy since i've seen him in the play.But it isnt fair,cause ill never have a chance with him,he has other girlfriends that are 10 times better than me.This is the first time ive ever had a crush,but never ever get my feelings returned.


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