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i complety fell in love

Well.. there was this guy and i just got into high school this year. and he was a grade 12.. and he started to talking to me and i complety fell in love. he told me that he couldent get into this school that was 8 hours away becuase he was coming back to high school for one more year for a credit, after are first date he asked me out right away, i was sooo happy.. but after that.. everything kinda turned around he wasnt the guy i thought he was, we started fighting about dumb things and he found out he was going to this hockey school that was 8 hours away i was really hurt.. at march break he broke up with me and about 2 days latter i found out he cheated on me while we were dating ..he told me he wanted me back and i was mad for a while but i was soo in love with him that i took him back. after 2 weeks had gone by he told me that he felt guilty and things wernt working out and right then i new he lied to me through the hole thing, and that i deserved better and for some reason i still have strong feelings for him..but i no i could never go through what i did agian.


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