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A Far Away Crush

All i ever wanted was to see my crush.This was the first time i have ever been in love.But constantly i wasnt pleased,because i didnt think i'd find him or see.I wouldnt fall in love cause i was always shy,and everytime i got hurt by a boy i'd cry.They teased me cause of the way i looked,just cause im not natural and they think im a schmuek.

But seeing far a distance i knew,i had seen the one who made me re-newed. From time to time,all i wanted was someone to accept me. Then he came and gave me a look,and a mysterious little blue book. I was so confused, i just sat and sighed then read along then sadly cried. This book was like some golden dream,and he came with a beautiful gleam.

He said he was feeling the same,lonely,and hated and so so ashamed.That people would look at him like a stormful rain.And he was also shy and timid and we would cry.This is all i got to say,that i had found someone who i will be with till this day.Maybe someday it will happend too,when the whole world has everyone glued.


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