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i know i will never be able to get her out of hy heart

I am an international freshman just arrived here. I was so lonely and damn pissed with life until i met this angel, and i knew that it was her. unfortunately she has a bf.. a relation ten month long. Withen a week we got really close to each other. I knew things were going way fast. She told me that she really dint like her Bf at times..she would not even want to kiss him any more.she said she was going to break up with him this spring end. Then next day she says that things were wrong...she isnt supposed to be with me her bf means a lot to her and i was..interfearing and harrasing her, In fact i dont care her havin a bf..all i know is that i love her and i will forever,,no matter what i dont care if she will be with me or not but a time i dont know what happens i feel sunk..when she behaves bad..i dont expect any thing from her..or do i? i am confused..but i know i will never be able to get her out of hy ever bad she behaves..I love her..and it goig to be forver


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