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Do i wanna change my ending......or my beginning...or just start a whole new story

I had liked this guy for months and I only told my friends a month before we started going out which was a very long time for me to keep a secret from my friends. The day "this guy" asked me out was the day of a big game! He knew i liked him for about two weeks before we made it official, but he came up to me and looked at me and I said are you ever gonna aske me out and he says maybe. THen all of sudden he says "will you go out with me?"! ANd i just nodded my head and said yes like it was nothing. But i was really happy. I told all my closest friends even the ones that had started liking him after I did! He went on a vacation to Florida the day after. I was a little disappointed, but i tried to stay happy, i went out with friends to keep my mind off of him but it didn't work. He finally came back on a Monday, the first day I had seen him in a week in a half. I had to stay late in a meeting (at my internship) and he kept looking for me at lunch, he didn't find me and he got mad at me, yet i did not know this, so at the end of out break i finally found him and put my arms around him. But he did not do the same. I had a bad feeling. At the end of the day one of his team buddies at the internship office came and told me he had some bad news. I immediatly guessed it "he wants to break up with me right?" He said yeah and i said thats fine. The he asked me out! I said yes! I went home and thought about it and consulted my friends who told me maybe it wasn't meant to be- i wouln't settle for it! I still liked him! So the next so i would not be lying to his buddy i said i can't go out with you because i still like "him" he got very up set and told me that "he" hated me so i was n't making a good choice . By lunch my friends told me that his buddy had been so angry at the meeting that he had slammed his books on the table when he entered. The next day i explained to him everything i mentioned earlier tha ijust didn't want to lie. I told the "him" of this story that i still liked him and that i barely knew him and that had to mean something because i still wanted him. He smiled and kissed me. We broke up 3 months later, but those three mnths were great. When you break up with someone you need to ask your self....Do i wanna change my ending......or my beginning...or just star a whole new story. Once you've answered this it is your life!


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