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We're Addicted to Each Other

last year i had to move to a new school and i felt so left out the whole first year well the next i met alot of new people and started to get a good reputation , but i was still not very well known and on my bus i was so lonley i didn't no ne one than a friend of mine ( guy firend ) got on the bus. i didn't no that he rode this bus and i asked him if he did and if he did where had he been . he said that his mom had been taking himm to school because she was working down the rode, but then they moved her back so then i was always talking to him on the bus and we were constantly on the phone together

i even spent the night at his house well after i spent the night we were so close that it felt like he was the only person who cared the next day he didn't talk to me until 5:30 pm i asked him he said because he was working up the guts to say i love u and i want u to go out with me and of course i said yes and we have been going out ever since . we can't even go 3 hours with out hearing each others voices


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