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but now... everything is so much more incredible!

Just last week I found out that one of my best friends of two years actually liked me. I remember praying to God a few weeks ago to send me a compannion, someone to love and help me get through my stresses. It came as a shock to realize that she liked me. We had both prayed about it and both of us felt it was right; but we still weren't sure because we didn't want to risk our friendship. So I asked her to see a movie with me, we saw The Wild, to figure out what we want to do. We talked for a while, and came to the conclusion that it's what we both wanted to do.

So now everytime I see her or just think about her my heart just skips a beat, I feel so content around her and she has already helped me so much. I know we've only been a couple for less than a week, but we already have the trust and bond from our friendship, but now... everything is so much more incredible!


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