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Until our paths cross again my dear love, may you live in my heart for ever.

My parents own this place on the ocean in another country, and while I was visiting them one Christmas vacation years ago I fell in love with this man from Germany. I have never believed in love at fist site, but this was it, this was really it. He had this muscular build, like you would see on a male model, brown long shoulder length hair, and these eyes, they just burned inside you. We took this midnight swim in the ocean that changed my life forever, it was warm, safe, full of love and lust. I never knew anything like it, not then and not since. He was a traveler, an explorer of the world. I was a young, dumb girl with a crapy boyfriend back home and a life to match. This man never made me feel bad, and only said beautiful things. He wouldn't sleep with me, he said that it just wasn't right, well I didn't think that. He said that my eyes were sad, and we talked all night one night, all about life and the world. Leaving that place to come back home was so hard, but when I got home, I called my folks and said that I was going to sell everything I owned, and come back down and leave with him to travel the world. Let's just say it never happened, and I never saw him again. I had his picture on my desk for the longest time, but now he's just a memory, just a beautiful god sent memory. He made me believe in myself and realize what life was really all about, and what to live for. Until our paths cross again my dear love, may you live in my heart for ever.


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