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He is my knight in shining armor

I met this great man on and we sent a couple of messages, but he gave me his telephone number so we can talk. I got to have my first "date" with him on his 22nd birthday. He and i have been talking and dating since then. Although its only been a little over a month i am completley drawn to him, yet i cant admit to myself love comes out this early in a relationship. I know there are many other things in life that we have to do, and being together just makes us happy. we have this way of fighting and talking it out. us having sex, was more like making love. I love him, and i dont know how to tell him. I love every part of him, i love his smile his compassion, his body, and his mind. I love him with all of me, and i dont kow how to tell him this. He and i could be perfect matches, and if i dont tell him how i feel it would never be. Until i can tell him i have to be careful hes just as sensitive as i am. he is jsut as caring as i am, he loves me just liek i love him, and these are things that we show one another, and dont have to say. He is my night in shining armor, and i can not wait until i get to be back in his arms, its been three whole long days, and i dont plan on making it four. I love this man with all of me, and i will never let him go, not if i can help it


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