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I wish the rest of you the best of luck in finding your one true love.

i met my one true love when i was fifteen. i was at my best friends wedding. it was the perfect setting. we both hit it off right away. i knew i loved him but i'd just been through a very hard and shaky relationship and i wanted to know him just a little more. after that day we lost total contact though both of us spent the remaining week trying to find each other. finally we did and we talked for three hours. he lives twenty minutes away and often comes to see me on the weekend. we ar going to his prom in two weeks. i'm so excited. every day since we've dated he has told me he loved me more than anything in life. sometimes just for fun i ask him how much he loves me because i love hearing him say it.once he said "there isn't a day that goes by since i've met you that i haven't loved you". he is the perfect person for me. i love him so much. he treats me like i am a real person in this world. he makes me feel special and wanted but most of all he makes me feel loved. we fight sometimes but not about anything serious-which drives us absolutely nuts. i love him more than life itself and often he tells me he would gladly die the most slow and painful death imagined just so i could live. he has always been honest and loyal to me. he has proposed many times and i've accepted. we're gonna wait until i'm eighteen though. i'll be sixteen in a little less than a month. i love my baby so much. thank you for letting me share my story with you and i wish the rest of you the best of luck in finding your one true love.


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