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A 60s group the Chiffons "Soldierboy"

My story is about a crush I have for a 21yr old friend of mine. It started five years ago in the last weekend of june. we were both competing in the Special Olympics Track And Field competition when I first met him, he held out his hand to help me on and off the bleachers before one of our teammates race, We clicked that day. The next morning I decided to get to know him subtly, so we were waiting for everyone to meet in the lobby of the restaurant. So I started looking at the books that tells you what happened the year you were borned, he was doing the same thing so I asked him what year he was borned, He told me 1984 at that minute I was doing the math in my head because I was borned in 1976, I was a little nervous what was going to happen because I knew I was a little too old for him. So months went by I found out he has a girlfriend who is close to me, two years later they broke up. I continued to be his friend some more, He turned 20 in 2004 and I felt the time was right to ask him out it wasn't that simple, I didn't find out until a year later he had another girlfriend after I told him I liked him the first time and then the second time he was still with her. During those years, he starts getting affectionate without kissing me. He also calls me by my pet name which is my first name and a name of a girl on our team, His is soldierboy which he was telling me he wanting to be in the army so I thought about the song By a 60s group the Chiffons Soldierboy. I wasn't until Christmas that I started having thoughts about him. The week after our Basketball Individual Skills Competition I started thinking about him all of the time. Its been weeks since and I can't wait to see him and ask him how he feels because he hasn't told me yet but showed it!


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