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We Waited 2 Years - It was Worth It

I was in 6th grade! It was a huge night for all 6th graders- Homeciming night- the night everybody went to the game all dressed up and everything. So I was having a sleepover and all my friends went to the game with me. Well, my best guy friend was there so I went up to say hi, but I noticed there was another guy with him- not juss any old guy- an angel- not from this world- man, he was SO fine! So I didn't go say hi to my friend and all the girls were like WHO IS THAT!?! So..I decided to find out!! I marched over there, I was like, Hi, whats ur name?

His name was J. He was from Pine Bluff and he was in 8th grade. I felt like an idiot tho- cuz ALL the girls were like all over him!! Well, me and my friend had the biggest crush on him!! After that, thas all we talked about to C. So, being the good friend that he is- he got me a picture!! lol! I drooled over it all the time!!

Then...Junior High came...I started dating this other guy. U kno, popular, atheletic, well-liked...why wouldn't I? Even tho he was NOTHING compared to that guy I saw at the game!! Well, we dated for a year and a half...and every once in a while you know, J would call or we'd bump into him every once in a while...

and then, my boyfriend cheated on me. It crushed me badly. It was one week before Valentine's day. Then, guess who called on Valentine's? Yes, J!! We talked for a long time! Then he asked me to go to Monday Night Thrive with him. Well, I decided to go, then..he came..he drove up in my drive way, I opened the door, and No, it wasn't that cute little 8th grade guy anymore...that was the sexiest sophomore Ive ever seen! He'd grown abunch, he was 6'1, a foot and 1 inch taller than me...dark brown eyes, cheery blonde hair, and bowed!! lol! Hopefully, he didn't see me as a 6th grader anymore, I was in 8th grade then, and Id grown quite a bit.

It was so awesome that night, we hung out, talked about alot of stuff and juss had fun! He made me feel so comfortable, unlike my last boyfriend who made me feel like an immature little 5th grader. He was goofy juss like me! We had so much fun!!

Then, we went to a couple of more places and then he asked me to go to see the Passion with him. So on the way, we were talking and laughing and he looked at me dead serious and was like "would someone like you ever date a guy like me?" I swear I think my mouth dropped open, I was like, "uhh..yea, would you evr date a gil like me?" He was like, yes,definatly, and he was like, sooo.. u wana go out? I was thinking in my brain...YES YES YES HIP HIP HOORAY!! But all I said was!

Weve only been dating for 3 months now, He's a Junior and Im a freshman and we are alike in so many ways! We like have the same intrests and stuff, our personialities match perfectly! The only thing that is even remotly bad about it, is everybody trys to ruin our relationship- like, all these girls come up to J and ask him to do stuff with them, he'll refuse and tell him, he has a girlfriend, and some guys will come up to me and like, ask me to do stuff, or try to flirt with me, and I say no..I have a boyfriend. I think it makes us stronger. I could see us staying together for a LONG time...if not...forever.


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